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Audrey Benjaminsen

Posted in art with tags on June 10, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

I recently came across Audrey Benjaminsen’s work for the first time. This gogreous lady caught my eye…


Her bizarre and beautiful pieces are sometimes drawn, sometimes painted…


…And sometimes animated! I feel like this should be a meme on message boards to combat a conversation that’s gotten out of control. Far more fantastic than typical memes.

Audrey Benjaminsen

Aldo Katayanagi

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on June 8, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Quick post today! I bring you a few selections from Aldo Katayanagi





Aldo Katayanagi

Gregory Thielker

Posted in art with tags on June 6, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Gregory Thielker has an interesting series of photorealistic water-obscured window views entitled Under the Unminding Sky.

He states:
These paintings reflect my interest in the way that the road delineates and controls how we experience landscape.

From the roadway perspective, we not only travel from one place to another, we see landscape in a varied and complex manner. I use water on the windshield to create a shifting lens for the way we see the environment: it both highlights and obscures our viewing. Perspectives slip and compress, while shapes and colors merge into one another.

I also work with relationships between surface and depth, between flatness and illusion. These images are born out of real experience and have a close relationship with the medium of painting: its fluidity, transparency, and capacity for layering, mixing, and blending.

Gregory Thielker

Casey Weldon: Caterpillars

Posted in absurd, art with tags , on June 2, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Archie McPhee recently featured a few CATerpillars, by Casey Weldon.


So many legs to cuddle with! They look like they want hugs.


Casey Weldon

Miran Kim

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on May 31, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

To day I bring you a few selections from Miran Kim.

miran kim_heart-of-the-red-child-1-rgb_72dpi

This one reminds me of myself as a little girl, staring precociously into the strange Rorschach blots of my surroundings, flying pig in tow…because I always believed in the impossible.
miran kim_heart of the red child sketch_120dpi

Have you ever wondered…does the soul taste like peppermint?

miran kim_2001 landscape

Whatever this frigid monster is…I love it.

Miran Kim

Leslie Ditto

Posted in art, candy coated nightmares, surreal with tags , , on May 30, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Ironically, I haven’t posted about many of my very favorite artists here. I tend to post new links as I come across them, or scan the hundreds of websites in my bookmark queue. Artists like Leslie Ditto have been bookmarked in my “artist” folder (a separate entity with upwards of 1,000 links) for many years and consequently, despite their brilliance, get glossed over.


But who could not adore her beautiful candy coated nightmares?


I was lucky enough to see this one in person at a group show:

Amazing stuff.

Leslie Ditto

Edward Pustovoitov

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on May 27, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Though many people conceptualize “paradise” as some variety of tropical oasis, my vision is always more akin to glowing wooded areas. They feel so rich with life, and so inviting…


Russian surrealist painter Edward Pustovoitov clearly has a gift for nature scenes, but he also paints impossible vignettes that trick the mind’s eye…

…and images that grab the viewer emotionally. There is some ineffable quality in this woman’s expression that really captivates me.
Edward Pustovoitov - Tutt'Art@ -

A traveler in strange lands…
Edward Pustovoitov painting Art 5

Edward Pustovoitov


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