Halloween Countdown: Body Electric

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Believe it or not, Body Electric is the work of an “amateur bodypaintress.”


These neon zombie vixens are some of the most eye catching body paint work I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, imagine showing up to a Halloween party painted Body Electric style. Who could look away?



This girl definitely has a bright (*groan* pun intended) future in body art, if she chooses! And I hope she does.

Body Electric

Halloween Countdown: Never Sleep Again

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A FOUR HOUR documentary on the entire Nightmare on Elm Street legacy? Oh yes…I did.


The film opens with awesome stop motion animated renditions of iconic scenes (which are worth watching even if you turn it off after that).


I must admit, I think the FIRST Nightmare is one of the best horror movies ever made. With the possible exception of the third installment, Dream Warriors, I couldn’t stand the way they transformed Freddy from the darkest monster imaginable to a fountain of cheesy one liners and gimmicks. Even the makeup looked plastic and less involved in the latter movies, whereas the original was a glistening mess of gooey fresh wounds.

Still, the entire documentary is quite honest and self aware. Those who hated the sequels will probably feel vindicated. It’s streaming on Netflix at the moment. Recommended for hardcore fans of the genre!

Watch the trailer:

Has anyone else seen this?

Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies #1

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Don’t know the origin of this, but I love the extra written touch.

This kid’s face is not exactly what I’d call “joyful.” At least the trees are happy.


A very intricately done Day of the Dead hanging bat!

This seriously looks like she’s wearing her sister’s skin.

A little macabre for a greeting, no (that pumpkin is crying actual tears while getting murdered). What’s with the gleeful spectators? Is this some kind of Gladiatorial event for squash and…elves?

The source said this is a real Victorian postmortem, but I have trouble believing it’s not doctored. Still…maybe the photographer was just really, REALLY late.

Gorgeous custom Monster High doll!

I wish this item hadn’t been taken down for sale/display. I would’ve done a feature post on the crafter of this fine wooden witch carving.

At first it looks like a strange pose, but my black cat Dr. Morbius does this gravity defying move all the time.

So long kiddies…pleasant dreams…

Halloween Countdown: Extraordinary Tales

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Just in time for Halloween, Extraordinary Tales is hitting theaters. It’s a series of five animated adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe, narrated by some of the greatest horror icons of all time.


Each story is done in a different style of animation. Featured in this film are “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” “The Masque of Red Death” and “The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar.” Narrators include Christopher Lee, Roger Corman, Guillermo Del Toro and Bela Lugosi (!!!).

Watch the trailer:

Who’s going to see this?

Halloween Countdown: Vampire Pumpkin

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This is perhaps my favorite piece of Halloween folk art I’ve seen this year: the Gourd Vampire Pumpkin.


Of course, the face is masterfully done…but I think the yellow-green eyes really MAKE this piece. Isn’t he hypnotic in the most perfectly insane way?

Halloween Countdown: Bloody Brain Cake

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This would be the perfect cake for a Halloween party (the “bloody” syrup coating is a nice touch).


Apparently this was done in honor of The Walking Dead (which I admittedly stopped watching a couple seasons ago because I started getting bored with it…zombies are very overdone these days so it takes a lot to keep my attention).

I’d love to try my hand at this cake. Watch the tutorial video!

Halloween Countdown: The Burning Miser

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Long Forgotten recently made a post about a piece of Haunted Mansion concept art that never made it into the actual attraction: The Burning Miser.burn_zpsggcjesja

This miser, who has clearly sold his soul to devil, was supposed to appear in the hall of changing portraits. Here is the progression, in a series of sketches:





I think this would’ve made a great addition to the Mansion. The devil sneaking up from behind the Miser to claim his soul via spontaneous combustion powder is certainly creepy enough to make the cut.

See more info here.


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