Gabriel Picolo: 365 Days of Doodles

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What Gabriel Picolo calls “doodles” are pretty great little pieces of art (I wish my doodles looked like this! I may be a multimedia craftaholic, but if I just take a pen and draw in a notebook it looks like a kid did it).



I feel like these belong in a graphic novel.

I’m partial to this one due to its symbolic implications; the personas and facades we adopt that hang over us, to be called upon as occasion dictates.

…and I miss having cats. Though I do not miss the unfortunate watery lessons they learned the hard way by falling into a full bathtub when mommy wasn’t looking.

Gabriel Picolo


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Mothmeister’s tagline is shooting weird & wonderful creatures & critters
around the world
. One look, and you’ll be inclined to find that a fitting description.


These photos do an excellent job of making me feel like I just walked straight into a nightmare, or surrealist horror film.

They come from Wounderland (a brilliant title for a dark, mysterious world)…

Something about the taxidermy specimens paired with masked subjects is undeniably creepy, wouldn’t you say?


Coline Design: Text Tights

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I definitely want to get my hands on some Text Printed Tights.


Coline Design makes a variety of colorful tights with famous literary quotes (from the likes of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Caroll). OR, and I love this option, you can order custom text.


You will also find a number of different fonts and styles. I’m such a sentimental fool; I’d probably love to get a pair with memorable words from a loved one.


What quote would you emblazon on your legwear?

Text Printed Tights

Desktop Goodies 1/14

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How NOT to decorate your lobster. I call this Stairway to Hell.

Gorgeous carving work.



If only humans could leave behind the tangible structure of their own transformations to look back on.

I love how one happy consumer claims that a tablet of soap whittled her waist from 62 to 48 inches.

But some old ads EMBRACED a little junk in the trunk (how anyone thought the name “CHUBETTES” was a winner for a clothing line, I do not know).

Tick tock…

Adorable little skelly and her pet!

This is amazing in so many ways. Was this mushroom an official mascot of some sort, or just a damn fine costume?

This looks like something a child would paint in art class.

Everybody dance now!

Best search query of the week: “Why is Nicholas Cage on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook?”

Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

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Got $2,3000 to spend on a toy? Consider the Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory.


Found on Ebay:
One of the holy grails on Monster toys. 1965 The Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory Sold briefly through the back pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine. Original Cost – $4.95. Considered the rarest Monster toy in existence. Only 4 known to exist. This is the second finest one known. Would be considered mint but one of the chemicals leaked and damaged the bottom of the box. Other than that, cover is super mint and shiny.


It actually looks like a pretty amazing kit. The test tubes appear a bit more “real” than I would expect. I’d love to hand make something like this for a special kid; set up a whole box of mad scientist goodies with a cool cover.

Did you have any science toys as a kid? What was your favorite?

Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

Tinycup Needlework

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Tinycup Needlework features beautifully embroidered skulls and bones, alongside tiny roses and the occasional noose.


I’m touched by the story of how she began the craft:

Last winter was horribly cold, the person that I loved was at that point living very far away, and I needed something to help keep me sane. I’ve been a maker of many things for as long as I can remember, but one day after having experimented with burlap and yarn, I decided to explore something more intricate. I employed the knowledge of the Internet, and henceforth taught myself to embroider.

I deal with missing loved ones by making things, too. It somehow helps.


She continues:

As a sort of old soul, I have always sort of gravitated toward things that were more hands on and intimate. I began embroidering tokens as little gifts for the person I loved and missed… monograms, images of inside jokes, that sort of thing. We wrote to each other regularly, and just as our great grand parents may have sent a lock of hair (or some such token) to their sweetheart, I sent these little stitch pieces as something for him to hold on to.

Who wouldn’t melt when receiving and embroidered skeleton?



Tinycup Needlework


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Rafahu’s brightly colored pieces draw upon familiar aspects of pop culture (many of those famous Warner Bros. bullseyes that most of us associate with childhood), and gives them an ominous gleam.



His paintings often possess a nightmarish intensity that is almost impossible to look away from.




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