Necrosculptures: Bone Lamp

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I’ve brought you X-Ray Lamps before, but here’s another way to bring bones into your home lighting. This one comes from Necrosculptures.


You will also find a chandelier:

I feel there should be a positive descriptive word for bone inspired creations. Osteoriffic? Osteolicious?


Raul Guerra

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I was casually browsing some art, and this picture stopped me dead in my tracks. It captured me as if I were looking into a mirror (strangely, in meditation, I’ve had almost this exact image appear many times).

I still can’t look away from it. She is only a pencil sketch, but she conveys a sense of knowing…of traveling lightly with concentrated life force in her hands.

I was then drawn into the rest of Raul Guerra’s work.

His portfolio contains many girls, morphing into colorful butterflies…

And sympathetic skeletons.

Villains that seem somehow less than villainous…

Love it.

Raul Guerra
More here.

Jamie Fales

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This first image goes out to my fellow lighthearted dancer in darkness Carrie.

Although one might think a narwhal would be out of place in a doughnut shop, the respective designs of those two things are actually quite complementary (narwhals figure quite prominently into her work, undoubtedly because they are amazing).

Other creatures appear where you least expect them.

She does vinyl toy customs as well!

Jamie Fales

Philip Treacy

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Check out this headpiece by Philip Treacy (no pics at the link…sorry).

I would most likely injure myself I put this on (and would definitely injure others), but you have to admire the construction! Ah, like a gothic ship in the night…


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Xeeming (a Ukranian artist whose real name is Dmitri) makes some fun horror art.

Here were have a not-so-pleasant surprise for the sanitation department, come time for trash pickup.

Gather round and let the fiddler play you a tune!

This one reminds me slightly of R.S. Connett (whose work I adore).

The walls are alive…


“What is Fashion?” Amazing 80’s Student Film.

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This student film is totally radical…tubular…clutch. I forgot how many kids had braces back then…or should have had braces. See some Breakfast Club runner-ups discuss their ideas of what fashion is and what it means to them!

My favorite line: “Ska is from England. It’s kinda like Duran Duran, sort of. But they’re kinda like, mediocre to this. They’re not as intense.” *headdesk*


Kirk McGuire: Cephalopod Tables

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Now THIS is how you hold up a pane of glass for a coffee table! Kirk McGuire has a series of bronze sculpture tables that add a dash of marine adornment to the home.

The octopus is definitely my favorite.


But the giant squid is pretty great, too.

And the leafy sea dragon is a bit more understated, which is nice if you don’t opt for the bold look of cephalopods.

Kirk McGuire


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