Artist, anyone?

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I found this on Pinterest ages ago, but no artists was credited. Anyone recognize it?


Sean Ayerst

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I’m really digging these glass bird skulls by Sean Ayerst. I love his color choices in this first one.


These would make perfect little paperweights (on my desk, anyway!)

A google image search did not reveal many glass bird skulls on the market out there. I wonder if Sean is selling these beauties.

Miss Aniela

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Miss Aniela has earned a spot among my favorite photographers.


I would love to take a photo like this one day (I’d be drooling over this image even if it had no subject and were simply the library)!

Her Surreal Fashion series is stunning…full of rich, unique scenery.


Miss Aniela

Theoretical Part

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Theoretical Part is a “creative community” of two illustrators from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


Most of these works are ink on paper, done in luscious detail.


There are a number of beautiful typewriter images in the portfolio (which I love, of course), always teeming with wildlife, creatures and growing plants…


Check out her series of zodiac lettering!

Theoretical Part

I Don’t Get Fashion: “ME!”

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Okay, this shirt is patently absurd, but it’s so bad that it’s actually kind of intriguing and mesmerizing.


While I’d never personally wear it, I’m completely entertained by its existence. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the statement of this garment may be (aside from the obvious)?

All I could come up with is “Head of the Narcissist Convention.”


David Choquette

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David Choquette very appropriately labels his work “pop grotesque.”


Grotesque is exactly the word that comes to mind when I view his portfolio. But it takes talent to paint subjects that elicit a visceral response.


Squinted eyes (is it anguish? Exhaustion?), sickly looking flesh and grungy teeth create the feeling that these creatures are rotting alive.

David Choquette

The Lost Tarot

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Here is yet another gorgeous tarot deck, a bit out of my price range, that I find very interesting: The Lost Tarot

The use of skulls and skeletons is lovely, and the soft color scheme is quite unique (click image to enlarge a bit).

Hopefully one day this deck will be part of my collection!

I also recommend checking out the other categories of art on Dominic Murphy’s site. There are treasures to be found there!


The Lost Tarot


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