Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

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Got $2,3000 to spend on a toy? Consider the Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory.


Found on Ebay:
One of the holy grails on Monster toys. 1965 The Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory Sold briefly through the back pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine. Original Cost – $4.95. Considered the rarest Monster toy in existence. Only 4 known to exist. This is the second finest one known. Would be considered mint but one of the chemicals leaked and damaged the bottom of the box. Other than that, cover is super mint and shiny.


It actually looks like a pretty amazing kit. The test tubes appear a bit more “real” than I would expect. I’d love to hand make something like this for a special kid; set up a whole box of mad scientist goodies with a cool cover.

Did you have any science toys as a kid? What was your favorite?

Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

Tinycup Needlework

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Tinycup Needlework features beautifully embroidered skulls and bones, alongside tiny roses and the occasional noose.


I’m touched by the story of how she began the craft:

Last winter was horribly cold, the person that I loved was at that point living very far away, and I needed something to help keep me sane. I’ve been a maker of many things for as long as I can remember, but one day after having experimented with burlap and yarn, I decided to explore something more intricate. I employed the knowledge of the Internet, and henceforth taught myself to embroider.

I deal with missing loved ones by making things, too. It somehow helps.


She continues:

As a sort of old soul, I have always sort of gravitated toward things that were more hands on and intimate. I began embroidering tokens as little gifts for the person I loved and missed… monograms, images of inside jokes, that sort of thing. We wrote to each other regularly, and just as our great grand parents may have sent a lock of hair (or some such token) to their sweetheart, I sent these little stitch pieces as something for him to hold on to.

Who wouldn’t melt when receiving and embroidered skeleton?



Tinycup Needlework


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Rafahu’s brightly colored pieces draw upon familiar aspects of pop culture (many of those famous Warner Bros. bullseyes that most of us associate with childhood), and gives them an ominous gleam.



His paintings often possess a nightmarish intensity that is almost impossible to look away from.



Antikamnia Chemical Company Skeleton Figures

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Oh Victorian Trading Co., you’ve outdone yourself! The purveyors of new goods with antique style are now producing figurines from the Antikamnia Chemical Company Calendars (which I was certain I posted about but cannot find here at the moment).

Skeleton Diagnosis

These skeleton figurals are inspired by the watercolour artistry of 19th c. illustrator Louis Crucius, commissioned to create a calendar for the company in 1898.

Dr. Death


I do plan to frame some calendar images at some point, and while nobody needs Antikamnia figurines, I think they’d make a fine addition to the home.

Aleksandr Kuskov: Time Mashine

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No, that’s not a typo in the title. Time Mashine is the name of Aleksandr Kuskov’s unbelievably gorgeous glass typewriter.


Every detail, right down to the butterflies perched upon it, is marvelous.

Unfortunately, no artist statement accompanies this piece. I’d love to learn more. I’m not even sure if this is the product of very skillful digital graphic work, or if it was actually constructed (wouldn’t it be great if it worked?).


Time Mashine

And Now, One of the Strangest Products Ever

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If you’re at all familiar with this blog, there are many contenders for “strangest product ever” featured here. But this one really surprised me. I was researching hyperbaric oxygen therapy for serious medical conditions (don’t ask), and for some reason that search contained…drumroll please…

The Decompression Chamber Pillow

I cannot envision any household or office in which this awkward photo of a gargantuan piece of diving equipment with a random stranger operating it belongs on a throw pillow. Maybe I’m just short-sighted.

Here is an “action shot” of the Decompression Chamber Serving Tray:

And THIS is what graces the tray’s surface. Tell me folks, is this what comes to mind when you’re searching for the perfect wine and cheese serving option?

It’s times like this when I kind of love humanity. It brings me joy to know people are out there producing completely nonsensical items like this.

Nikko: Dragon’s Body in One Brush Stroke

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The face is compromised of multiple strokes, but wait for it. The entire body is done with a single stroke, brilliantly colored and textured via distribution of paint and a series of precise tiny-movements. Watch:



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