Chloe Giordano

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Here we have a little dose of You Can’t Handle the Cute before things stay spooky this season.


Chloe Giordano’s miniature embroidered animals are nearly photorealistic. Her Tumblr has progress shots so you can see them emerge on blank pieces of fabric. It’s quite a thing to behold.


Look at the level of detail in this tiny work! Many, many close little stitches…Can’t you almost see it breathing?




Chloe Giordano

Beadedmischka: Beaded Death’s Head Moth

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Make: posted this incredible beaded Death’s Head Moth by Beadedmischka.


This piece seems to be one of a kind (I was actually hoping the link would provide a tutorial). Excellent work.

Stefano Bonazzi

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As September draws to a close, I’m always tempted to shift into full Halloween mode (but I try to restrain myself because, surprisingly, not everyone is obsessed with Halloween). Let’s start setting the mood with some evocative photography from digital photography artist Stefano Bonazzi.


These strange portraits traverse the ominous open fields and enclosed spaces of a nightmare world.

All of the characters are masked, mysterious, alienated; they conjure an odd sense of unease in the viewer.

We find beauty, subdued and obscured…

…identities lost…

…a sense of the subject being consumed.

Check out Stefano Bonazzi’s work and feed your nightmares.

Moths & Milk

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Moths & Milk is the work of young Irish artist Darragh Mallon.


The work is a combination of pencil, ink and digital, often depicting somber, ghostly girls.

He has also done album art:



See more strange, wan creatures in his portfolio…

Moths & Milk

Arlo Edge Walker: Carved Pearl Skull Jewelry

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Arlo Edge Walker carves beautiful skulls into real pearls for jewelry (they seem a great medium, don’t they?).


Each piece is hand crafted, and one of a kind. It takes Arlo around 3 hours to delicately carve these skulls, but it’s clearly time well spent.

I love the subtlety of the design. One must look closely for the skulls to materialize.


Arlo Edge Walker

Bombz N Roses: Tom Servo

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My fellow MST3K fans, check out this awesome Tom Servo print, brand new from Bombz N Roses.


I love the style of this piece. I wouldn’t mind a little space traveling Servo gracing the walls of my home.

Cory Benhatzel

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Cory Benhatzel’s glowing white-eyed animals perch among occult symbols and pieces of nature, often appearing as if they are in the midst of various conjurations and psychic phenomena.


From the artist bio:
Inspiration comes from such diverse worlds as The Last Unicorn and Disney movies to magic, witchcraft and nature itself.


In addition to personal and occult symbolism, Cory employs Floriography, the Victorian- era form of communication also called The Language of Flowers within each piece. By this code, every flower has a specific meaning which lends itself to the imagery.


Perhaps this is what my black and white cats do when I’m not looking at night…

Cory Benhatzel


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