Alex Griffiths

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Today I bring you (a quick post) featuring the illustrations of Alex Griffiths.





Love his style!

Alex Griffiths

Sweet Fix: Richmond Philharmonic Cake

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Here one of my favorite cakes from Sweet Fix, made for the Richmond Philharmonic.


These disembodied conductor hands, seemingly floating in midair, are one of the most unique music themed confections I’ve laid eyes on. One can almost hear the orchestra play…


Sweet Fix

Sonya Fu

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Sonya Fu’s surreal creations are beautifully haunting…


From the source:
Sonya Fu is a Hong Kong based surreal digital artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs across Hong Kong, China, United States, Australia, and Germany since 2010. Growing up in the former British Colony where East meets West, Fu is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. Using inspirations from dreams, music, morality, and religious belief systems, she bases her works on hypnagogic imagery and the unseen beauties she has encountered during episodes of sleep paralysis. All of these elements can be seen in the detailed and delicate brushstrokes of her mysterious, eerie, and captivating digital paintings.


I love the way her vivid color schemes still have a ghostly air about them.


Sonya Fu
See an interview with her here.

Sue Teller

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This woman is beyond awesome; a renegade in the stuffy old world of granny crafts, with more spunk and spirit than most people 1/4 her age. And it’s not just the fact that she seems perpetually hopped up on Mountain Dew. She’s a genuine badass.

I wish there were more videos, but alas, Mrs. Teller only came out with a couple of them.

(Thanks, Bettie!)


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I came across art by EGO with no website link, and it’s hard to find a comprehensive source of work as it seems to be spread all over between tattoo sites, blogs, etc. But…I like it! So here are some examples.


An internet search for EGO obviously produces thousands of completely irrelevant results (though why not run with the inadvertent psychological education?). Love his skeleton and monster work.





Christine McConnell

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Thanks to my amazing friend Jen for introducing me to Christine McConnell’s delicious, delightfully dark delicacies!


Christine is also a photographer (and model…her instagram link is mildly NSFW due to lingerie/bikinis). I’m shocked that she hasn’t made a bigger deal of her baking. It’s masterful!

Shortbread face hugger, get on my table!

Christine McConnell

Snik Snak

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You’ve got to be kidding me. Really. (That was my reaction when I saw this product).

Did you know the delicious Kit Kat bar, made by Hersheys, once had a rival by the Mars candy company?




Milk chocolate around 3 layers of crisp wafers, packaged in break-off sticks. Look familiar? Aside from the ridiculously similar name, product specifics, and wrapper color scheme, Snik Snak’s catch phrase was “Take a break” as opposed to Kit Kat’s “Gimmie a break.” How Mars got away with this and it stayed on shelves for , I’ll never know!

I think the warped, horrible quality of the VHS commercial here only adds to it.



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