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Hernan Faraci

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on July 27, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

I love when artists find the SheWalksSoftly Facebook Page (please add and/or friend suggest it, if you haven’t!) and I get to discover new work I might not have otherwise seen. I’m loving some of these colorfully frenetic pieces by Hernan Faraci.




Some call to mind the art of Ralph Steadman…

Hernan Faraci

Miss Aniela

Posted in fashion, photography, surreal with tags , , on July 10, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Miss Aniela has earned a spot among my favorite photographers.


I would love to take a photo like this one day (I’d be drooling over this image even if it had no subject and were simply the library)!

Her Surreal Fashion series is stunning…full of rich, unique scenery.


Miss Aniela

Lee Harvey Roswell

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on June 27, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

I’m actually heading to the ER this morning, so I’ll keep this post short. Enjoy the wonderful surreal creations of Lee Harvey Roswell.



Michael Cheval

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on May 29, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Michael Cheval’s surrealist paintings delve into absurd, inverted realities.


Stranger than dreamscapes, his worlds are full of life and sweeping motion, serene and languid faces.

Here he find the waking earthly laws of physics suspended. Metaphor…illusion…allusion…it all tempts the viewer to craft a story.

Michael Cheval

Jeff Christensen

Posted in art, macabre, surreal with tags , , on May 22, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Check out the undead (and maybe dead) creations of Jeff Christensen.


Many of his paintings have an “interdimensional” feel to them, as if his subjects are exploring strange worlds or navigating between them.



Jeff Christensen

Andrew Ferez

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on May 16, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Andrew Ferez is responsible for two pieces I’ve loved for quite a while without knowing the artist. Aren’t these first two really spectacular?



His work reminds me a bit of Jacek Yerka with its fine details and blending of architecture, human invention and nature.

Many of his creations seem to contain a prominent fire element; a bit of burning chaos and/or illumination.

I’d like a a bumper sticker of this painting that says MY OTHER CAR IS A TALONED FISH SAXOPHONE WITH WHEELS.

Andrew Ferez

Jacob Gagnon

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on May 9, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

I was intrigued and rather delighted when I saw Jacob Gagnon’s tea and cupcake display…populated with miniature giraffes and ladders (of COURSE they need ladders! How would they reach the top teacups otherwise?).

Cakes and Ladders

In his portfolio we find all kinds of creatures strangely interacting with household items.
Sea-horsing Around

In fact, I can safely say I’ve never seen such a proliferation of wild animals and fine china.

And I adore the way he skews the scale of his subjects.
Storming the Castle

Jacob Gagnon


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