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Kitschmas: Pink Trees

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Medical hiatus no-typing mix…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond at the moment.







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I read and appreciate all comments. Apologies for not being able to respond at the moment.

John Clowder

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How could I not be a fan of John Clowder’s collage work? From the artist statement:

Our resource constituency comprises obsolete adverts, morbid medical texts, bone atlases, and zoographic curios.

I’m sold!

See more here.

Vintage Valentines: Monsters and Undead

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Let’s start with a series of (miniaturized) Universal Monster Valentines:

And assorted other goodies…

And he’s not a monster, but he’s the master of suspense…gotta love this:


Unfortunately, I don’t have my whole collection of these with me at the moment. I’m *always* on a quest for more of them though. If you come across any vintage spooky Valentines, let’s share/trade!

Vintage Valentines: Ghosts, Witches and Skeletons

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Nowadays, zombies and whatever sparkly things pass for vampires are all the rage. But in the mid 20th century, some GENIUS decided to mix Valentine’s Day with the best of all holidays…Halloween.

Personally, I like spooky elements in ALL of my special occasions. I put bats on my Christmas tree and skeletons on birthday greetings (you get the idea).

I wish there were more like these.

Sweet little specters…

Witchy women…

See a few hearts, skulls and zombies from last year here.

Bat Valentines

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Every holiday is better with bats, Valentine’s Day included. Here’s a little roundup of some bat-related Valentine finds.

By TheGreyFoxStudio:

By ktcrawford:

The Bat Conservation Trust has a whole page of bat e-cards!

I found this little lady here:

There are customizable bat pendants available on Zazzle:

Now for some vintage cuties:

And of course, we have retro BATMAN!

Anyone have others to share?

Impromptu Groundhog Day Megapost II

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I never intend to post about this holiday, but I once again got wrapped up in some nifty searches.

How about a few vintage treats to start?

Is the groundhog the instructor, or part of the recipe?

“Nice marmot.”

I’ve learned that anything can be turned into an occasion for beer. Too bad I don’t like beer. Where are the Groundhog Day chocolate parties?

How about a little “art?”

Punxsutawney Phil the Seer of Seers:

King Henry Groundhog (hm?):

How about a painted groundhog tart pan? My goodness, this is depressing.

At least this soap is a bit more cheerful.

This poor guy looks like he’s undergoing an uncomfortable medical procedure.


And now for your daily dose of euphemism: the Jolly Groundhog:

Innnnnnnteresting…(I love how this next one is available on “Fine Art America”).

Now this, I really like:

Bloody Groundhog Day:

You better recognize.

And a little taxidermy…

GAH! (The store this comes from is actually pretty great)

His posture is sublime:

The groundhog saw his shadow this morning, so that means six more weeks of…this?

In closing…

Don’t miss the absurd finds on last year’s Groundhog Day post!

New Years Miscellania

Posted in art, ephemera, food, humor, music video, retro, video, vintage with tags , , , , , , , on January 1, 2012 by shewalkssoftly

Happy 2012, folks!

I enjoyed this vintage glimpse of New Years past as the clock wound down last night.

Followed by the smooooooth sounds of Trololo:

Here’s a nice little 2012 collage by Marko Purac:

The companion piece actually reminds me a bit more of my feelings about 2011:

Here’s another that’s been circulating, by Trevor Brown:

And this is one of my all time favorite New Years cards (date unknown). Judging from the picture, “the pace that kills” is probably about 15 miles per hour.

WordPress sent me a note chronicling my top 5 most popular posts of 2011. I was kind of hoping I could find my top 5 LEAST popular ones and list them here for the fun of it…but there’s no easy way to access that. So, in case you missed them, the “top 5″ (not necessarily written in the past year) are:

Pumpkin Megapost
Ernst Haeckel
Halloween Wedding Cakes
Owl Tattoos
Sushi Cake

Hope everyone has a lovely day today…

Happy New Year

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Apparently, it was tradition for Russian New Years cards to incorporate some Christmas themes.

What is it time to do, folks? So mysterious…

I love this hair. It reminds me of a cat.

I’m sure this story makes sense…somehow.

Almost ominous…

Love the combo of memento mori symbolism with the cherubic little creature holding them…


Holiday Desktop Goodies Part 2

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Behold, the Castle Grayskull igloo!


I vaguely remember this special…

Aww…look at this little gentleman from Handmade Stuffs:

A little metallic minimalism:

And for those who don’t want minimalism, a giant ball of Christmas pudding:

Absolutely no comment here. This blog is a family establishment.

Hey…Santa isn’t supposed to be a rugged lumber jack! If this version of our beloved St. Nicholas showed up at my house, I’d give him yard work to do.

If Santa were a Shih Tzu:

And this one appears to have had a run-in with some pepper spray.

He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Now for some beautiful sweets, a gingerbread typewriter:

If anyone has either of these musical gems, please share!

On the other hand, please do NOT send me this album. Oh Scott Weiland…why? I gave STP quite a few spins in my adolescence, but Weiland’s crooning on this album makes me sad, uncomfortable, and a bit embarrassed for him. Go ahead and listen to some samples if you want to see why this is what the bad children should get for Christmas.

Speaking of sad, it looks like this Santa was just released from the burn unit:

One of a series of Christmas illustrations by Graham Wilson (he does some great Christmas/Halloween mashups too).

Proportion? Never heard of it. Santa is magical. He can do what he wants.

A decoration for the Trekkies!

Kitteh refuses to be your holiday prop (I love the hand on the left, presumably going to help…a little too late).

This X-ray tree by Nick Veasey (whom I could have sworn I posted about before, but is not turning up in my searches) would make a wonderful holiday card.

Or if you prefer a glow in the dark variety:

We’ll finish with this amazing Harold Lloyd Christmas tree, recently posted by my friends at Unusual Life.


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