Maria Rubinke

Hello, everyone! I had a phenomenal guest author last week, but I’ve missed it here. What better way to express the maddening frustration of a hiatus (and the fact that my posts might still be light on the verbiage for a while to come) than with these sculptures by Maria Rubinke?

Although I have had health issues for quite sometime, these recent ones have affected my typing AND talking ability so I’ve been…*nudge nudge, wink, wink* tearing my hair out.

Been told in the past that I have a bleeding heart, metaphorically at least…

I didn’t see an artist site with a quick search glance, but see a few more bloody innards of innocence at the Source.

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14 Responses to “Maria Rubinke”

  1. 13hearseman13 Says:

    I know you are going batty with everything. I’m glad I could help keep this rolling, and am here whenever you need me. You are missed.

  2. I’m glad you’re back, I very much enjoied vintage lab week and if Mr. hearseman has a blog of his own I will certainly follow it. What makes me glad the most is that, quite possibly, you being back means that you are in good health.

    I also enjoy the fine porcelain demented twistedness of Maria Rubinke, you haven’t lost your touch.

  3. Welcome back! The lab week was great,we missed you and now hope you got better. :)
    Here are some Skull sugar cubes to get well quicker :D

  4. Welcome back!

    That little girl looks so pleased with herself, “look what I can do!” I was always sceptical of innocence, now I know it has bloody innards I know why.

  5. Welcome back!! We missed you! Mr. Hearseman’s lab week was fun and went right along with your great post.

    This has triggered a long ago dream! One of my children did a similar activity in it and I was rather upset. It was messy and hard to put the child back together again.

  6. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you aren’t 100% yet – keep resting as much as you can! As for these sculptures? Whimsical and terrifying, a fabulous combination!

  7. Hi, Dana!! I’m so very sorry to hear that your health has gotten worse. I hope you feel better soon–in time for our favorite month of the year!!! Sending you love and positive, healing thoughts. xoxo

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