Soft-Weve, 1950’s

I think I’ve posted one of these in a Desktop Goodies post, but it’s time to show the whole fabulous set.

Never has toilet paper been so all-encompassing. Soft-Weve inspires entire rooms! Evening gowns around the house!

Heck, I’d coordinate everything with my toilet paper too for laugh one day…if it weren’t white…and who knows when I last wore white?

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8 Responses to “Soft-Weve, 1950’s”

  1. How lovely! Potty time never looked so dainty! I do remember colored toilet paper back in the 70’s. My favorite was the green :)

  2. Ugh “I serve the the colured t.p.” (soft weave!?) I have so far been able to upload “I feel so light in my gay apparel” and “I dreamed I was an Eskimo in my Maidenform bra.” It appears to be the same model in all of them. I could only wrench the back door open and retrieve the box of old magazines.

  3. I manazined to unearth them! Every page of all five of these ghastly old magazines is cornier and more racist than the next. The worst irony is they are called “Woman’s Day!” they are all from the very end of WWII, full of hope and joy and preganant housewife-dreaming and chock-full of ads for horrifyingly wholesome, thrifty food (like ‘Devils’s Underwood Spread’… and drug-related (‘If Ayds can control her weight…’)

  4. Oh, plase I am sorry to occupy your blog so much I just have to give you these two special horrors: (yarrrghhh!)

    • Sorry I am a half-blind stressed out middle aged lady which is trying to deal with medical courses and can’t take that in. I thought you’d get a laugh out of thee horrible corny, magazines because I do too! That pistachio cooloured tp was my favourite, also, at one terrifying point in time there was scented tp and scented tampons and sever since that has been off the market has there even been one case of toxic shock? I wonder, sometimes. Thank you for your clever and thoughtful blog.
      Hee , the soft-weve, indeed!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Thank you for all of your comments, Arcana!

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