Halloween Countdown: DIY Bat Mobile

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I didn’t realize I had a few bat posts back to back in my draft folder! We’re so used to seeing “Batmobile” in reference to our favorite winged crime fighter, that we tend to forget about the bat mobiles. Here is a handmade one for the home, of rather epic proportions.


I admire the patience and effort that went into the construction. It was made with sewing frames, acrylic paint, thin sheets of compressed foam, string, fishing line, and electrical tape. Well done!


Some other decorations were also featured in this post.

Halloween Countdown: Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell

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Over the weekend I received the most amazing book as a gift. I think it’s safe to say to any readers of this blog…RUN, don’t walk, to procure this incredible edition.


If you’re not familiar with diableries, have a look at the book description:

In France, around 1860, from the loins of a traditional national fascination with all things diabolical, was born a new sensation – a series of visionary dioramas depicting life in a strange parallel universe called ENFER – Hell – communicated to an eager audience by means of stereoscopic cards, to be viewed in the stereoscopes which had already become popular in the 1850s.


This 3-D phenomenon, which fascinated a nation for 40 years, is now yours to share. This book, the fruit of half a lifetime’s study by three impassioned authors, brings every one of the published Diableries into the 21st century for the very first time. Some of them are so rare that at the time of writing there is no known complete collection of the originals of these masterpieces.


The book comes with a viewer called The Owl (invented by Queen guitarist Brian May. Who knew?), and every time I glimpsed an image through it, I gasped. These dioramas, in remarkable 3D, are truly a sight to behold. There are endless details to drink in; incredibly entertaining and well crafted. There is also a great deal of interesting supplementary information to read.


Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell

Thank you, my dear GD, for bringing these wondrous displays into my life!

Halloween Countdown: Cretur Fetur Bats

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Among a fine selection of other critters at Cretur Fetur we find a variety of needle felted bats (all modeled after actual chiroptera subspecies)

Red Bat:

Pallid Bat:

Island Flying Fox:

Honduran White Bat:

Which is your favorite?

…and here are some bonus jack o’ lanterns:

Cretur Fetur

Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies

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I’m in a rush today, and unfortunately do not have time to write the image commentary (which I so thoroughly enjoy) so feel free to chime in!













Halloween Countdown: Sugar Skull Doll

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Here is a different twist on traditional sugar skull makeup; a well done explosion of pink and plastic.


Anyone remember those plastic charm necklaces in the 80’s? Those were great. Just sayin’.

The handmade wig really makes this look.

Halloween Countdown: Extraordinary Face Painting

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There is face painting, and there is total face transformation. Some artists are so skilled with costume makeup that they create elaborate optical illusions on the canvas of the human face.



It must take a great deal of patience (for the artist and model) to make these masterpieces happen.



Have you come across any incredible makeup this season? Have you painted your own face?


Halloween Countdown: Solar Jack O’ Lantern

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On October 8th, the sun had a series of active spots that made it resemble a happy, glowing Jack O’ Lantern. Isn’t it sweet?


It reminds me of the flaming pumpkin at the end of Disney’s Sleepy Hollow…only in a better mood.

(Thanks Liz, for being the first to show me this!)


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