Easter Cake Wrecks

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This holiday, along with Christmas, lends itself to some spectacular cake disasters.

Speaking of…at first I thought this was a colorblind attempt at a Christmas tree. Nope. It’s an egg. “Oval” is such a hard shape to make though.

While as yet an uncommon treatment for psychiatric disturbances in domesticated fowl, here we see electroconvulsive therapy being administered to a newborn chick. This procedure requires extensive clinical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider.

Hey now, this is a family blog, miss! Can I interest you in a t-shirt or modest shawl?

I thought this animal’s eyes were firmly implanted in the middle of its own ears, until I noticed the green arcs on the side which are…the actual ears?

This is a difficult cake to behold, existentially. The poor creature’s life is clearly flashing before its stunned eyes, a split second before an untimely demise.

If you’re going to get emotional on holidays, try waterproof eye makeup.

I got nothin’.

“Young lady, I TOLD you if you kept feeding glow sticks to the rabbit, something bad would happen!”

With the advent of modern meat production, some slight anatomical anomalies began to emerge.

And now my favorite: crucified carrots against a backdrop of a toddler’s finger painting. Now THAT, my friends…is how Easter is done.

Potionsmith: Sugar Skull Bunnies

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Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! Here we have the kind of coloring project I would’ve LOVED as a child: Sugar Skull Bunnies!


Oh, who am I kidding with this “as a child” business? I want to sit in a sea of crayons with young nieces or nephews and colors these NOW!




See a few more here.

Colette Calascione

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Colette Calascione creates beautifully odd surreal fine art. Many of her subjects are, quite literally, two faced.

colette calascione painter

colette calascione artworks

I think this is what’s inside my chest cavity too.
colette calascione art

I adore this brightly colored reworking of the original Max Ernst illustration.
colette calascione artsurral

Colette Calascione

Desktop Goodies 4/17

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Welcome to this edition of desktop goodies!

Would you buy Kellog’s corn flakes after seeing a child in the ad who looks like he’s be propped and posed postmortem?

Antique “eye massager,” for when your eyes need a little therapeutic squishin’!
Eye Massager.

AXOLOTL in a portrait! (See some axolotl info here, and an artistic interpretation here)

Don’t mind him…he’s really into that “sitting in a wall” thing.

The most complete system ever? Really?

I’m going to give you a great life tip here, folks. So listen up: be sure to set the iron to medium heat so as not to burn your crocodile.

The world’s most wistful butter substitute:

You can conveniently sell your sister by placing a check mark in the appropriate box.

Don’t say it, Dana…don’t say this piece of kitsch is…”corny.” D’OH!

Olga Valeska

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I’m falling in love with Olga Valeska’s photography…


The rich warm colors of autumn…the beautiful composition…I want to step into these scenes and bask in the warm, hazy glow and vibrant reds.



She has done amazing work with this model, who seems to be quite the muse! I must say, it is a perfect model choice for these photographs.

Olgae Valeska

Lukasz Wodynski

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I’ve been staring at Lukasz Wodynski’s Human Light series, admiring his brilliant use of color. The glow he achieves in these flares of luminosity is rather lovely, isn’t it?



I also find Machinations of Dementia quite moving. Obscured faces manage to convey desperation and sadness…



See more of his work here.

The Dayalets

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Brace yourself for The Dayalets; an instructional (and I use that word loosely) “suiatable for framing” series of food beasts designed to hang in doctors’ offices.


The idea was the educate the masses about vitamin deficiencies and nutritional imbalances. Wasn’t there a pamphlet they could hand out?



While tempting to generate my own sarcastic commentary for each of these, I think it’s only fair to direct you to the source, where the curator has taken a good deal of time to display and write commentary for the entire series (featuring gems such gems as “This looks like some self-proclaimed sex expert circa 1951.”)


I actually went through the whole series and was repeatedly stunned by these creations. Who wants one on the food table at my next party?

I wasn’t joking when I said “suitable for framing.”


See the whole collection here.


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