Pourtensious Tea Chandeliers

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The website seems to be down (at least for me) right now, but I still want to share some Pourtensious tea lighting fixtures because they are gravity defying displays of awesome.


I want to make one of these so I can perpetually feel like I’m in a magical place, somewhere down the rabbit hole.
Pourtensious Lighting



Beth Gibbons and Gonga Cover Black Sabbath

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Aside from Beth Gibbon’s haunting vocals (I still adore my old Portishead albums) over Gonga’s sludgy drone metal, this video is so worth watching for horror fans, as it nods to horror classics of yesteryear.

Three words: So. Much. Boris. A little Karloff makes everything better.

Michael Hacker: Brainwashing Machine

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If only illustrator, comic and poster artist Michael Hacker would paint my washing machine! What a perfect vision this would be upon opening the laundry closet doors.

I rather wish I could just pour some detergent into my brain and give it a good cleansing when there’s too much grime built up. Wouldn’t that be great?




His two dimensional art is full of fun, lowbrow goodness, too.

Michael Hacker

Kazuhiro Tsuji

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Kazuhiro Tsuji is a large scale hyperrealist sculptor, who taught himself to imitate life through trial, error and meticulous mimicry.


He is most famous for his portraits of Dali, Lincoln, Warhol and Dick Smith (his original mentor whom he contacted through Fangoria Magazine in 1987).

Incredible detail…

To give you an idea of the scale:

Kazuhiro Tsuji

Gregory Halili

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Gregory Halili creates these gorgeous skull pieces by carving and painting mother of pearl found in shells.


Isn’t the effect stunning? I would love to have one of these in my library.


Gregory Halili

How to Talk to Your Cat About…

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With two new kittens in the house (who have completely dominated my heart and attention since they arrived 4 days ago), I realized it’s never too early to educate them on important topics.



This collar…perfection.

Yes, these are real pamphlets, available here.

This post is dedicated to my boy Dr. Morbius (after Forbidden Planet, as opposed to Marvel comics Dr. Michael Morbius…I can’t believe I’m geeky enough to specify that distinction) and my little lady, Ms. Nimbus.

Lest you had any doubt that I’m totally out of my mind, their FULL names are Dr. Morbius Doodles and Ms. Nimbus Biscuit. All I can say is…you’d get it if you met them. I promise.

Google’s Neural Network Art

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Google has created artificial neural networks designed to behave like human grey matter. Originally invented for image recognition, the networks were also able to produce imagery. The results are directly out of a dream…


Or a surrealist painting…

Or a psychedelic journey…



Read more about the project here, and view a photo gallery here.


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