Hester Tatnell

Posted in art with tags on September 1, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

When I first saw Hester Tatnell’s work, I thought she might be a talented digital artist. But these beauties are actually OIL paintings, with otherworldly light and color.



Gorgeous work, indeed.

Hester Tatnell

Vintage Caterpillar Thimble Holder

Posted in craft, kitsch, vintage with tags , , on August 31, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

I just transformed a room in my house into a craft studio, but it’s conspicuously missing a 1940’s Celluloid Caterpillar Thimble Holder.


This specimen was actually won on Ebay by an avid self proclaimed Thimble Psycho in 2007. I love that his/her whole blog is dedicated to thimbles. Ah, the tiny treasures one can collect.

The Best Worst Shirt Ever

Posted in absurd, cats, humor with tags , , on August 30, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

A loved one introduced me to a term he and a friend coined many years ago: The Wrap Around. Essentially, when something is so incredibly, mind-blowingly bad that it becomes utterly fantastic…it “wraps around” (yes, we’ve all heard “so bad it’s good” but I feel The Wrap Around is a tidier, more effective term for the phenomenon).

The BEST example I’ve seen in ages of something that clearly wraps around is the The Mountain Fall Kitty Tee.


Soak in every detail (right down to the color coordinated scarf). I’ll wait.



Note: Fall Kitty is 100% irony free and contains 0% self awareness.

It’s perfection in every single way except for the fact that it doesn’t come in my size. I believe it starts in a men’s medium.

I’d venture to say I’d never be caught dead with a man who would NOT wear this shirt.

The Mountain Fall Kitty Tee

Michelle Kingdom

Posted in craft with tags on August 29, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Today I present Michelle Kingdom’s eccentric embroidery.


Beautiful Decay had a nice description. Excerpts:

Michelle Kingdom uses thread like paint in her highly expressive embroidery of peculiar situations. Her dense embroidery builds up layers of colors and textures, using each stitch to create intricate compositions. Although small in scale, each composition seems to hold endless mystery as it illustrates captivating narratives that are somewhat dreamlike in nature.


[Her] surreal work expresses truth and illusion, feelings of expectation and loss. They are small in scale but contain a large amount of emotion and depth. Each of her pieces depicts quirky, ominous scenes full of fun and color. However, we can feel a palpable sense of uncertainty as we are left questioning what exactly happening to the subjects.


She says: “My work explores psychological landscapes, illuminating thoughts left unspoken. I create tiny worlds in thread to capture elusive yet persistent inner voices. Literary snippets, memories, personal mythologies, and art historical references inform the imagery; fused together, these influences explore relationships, domesticity and self-perception.”

Michelle Kingdom

Ravendark Creations

Posted in creatures, sculpture with tags , on August 28, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Ravendark Creations is the work of Arend Smith. Here you will find amazing one of a kind, quirky creations such as:

Cyclops Squirrel

Saber Snails! These may be my favorite.

Voodoo Puppet

Carnivorous Plants

The Cheshire Cat (I think this is a model kit design, actually. I’d love to make this!)

Most sculptures are polyclay (often inspired by his wife’s art!), but some are available as resin kits so you can bring these fine creatures into your own home and take part in the creation process.

Ravendark Creations

Stefano Cerio: Winter Aquapark

Posted in candy coated nightmares, decay, photography with tags , , on August 27, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Stefano Cerio has an interesting photo series taken at a water park in China during the off season (that anthropomorphic mile high sandwich with all the fixin’s, including…goldfish…is tops!).


Cerio’s photos remind me of Banksy’s new creation, Dismaland (which is excellent and may get its own post, but I’m skipping it for now due to the massive coverage it’s already getting).

Stark, raw, real…stripped to bone without the hoards of happy travelers that pepper the grounds in warmer weather…we see the gloomy haze of winter transform these attractions into something disquietingly lackluster.


Stefano Cerio

Nimbus the Nihilist

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I’m starting a new feature here on SWS: Nimbus the Nihilist. Although she’s a happy, loving girl off camera, in nearly every photograph Ms. Nimbus appears to be in the throes of existential crisis. No one knows why, so we must assume she is a precociously philosophical feline who often ruminates on what it all means…or doesn’t mean.

Join me as I chronicle her many expressions of existence’s profound futility (coupled with classic quotes to encapsulate what I imagine she’s thinking).



I’m starting with my oldest photographs of her two months ago when she joined my home, so you can witness her nihilism blossom over time. If you have any favorite quotes that might be appropriate for future posts, please share!


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