Tracy Lewis

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Tracy Lewis uses layered watercolor paint to give her gentle subjects a luminous quality. Each painting contains life (in the form of plants, flowers and roots) springing forth in a harmonious, fruitful fashion.


From her artist statement:
For almost twenty years I’ve lived in the Sierra Foothills. My home has a tree house view of the world that has made nature an integral part of my life and my art. The metamorphosis of seasons and the cycles of life and death are reoccurring elements.


A collection of curiosities, along with my love of fairy tales, Art Nouveau and Old Hollywood Glamour have also found their way into my art.

Tracy Lewis

Joyous Creations

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In my last Desktop Goodies post, I featured this mind-blowing piece of bead work, but had no idea who the artist was.

Joyous Creations 5

I could stare at that thing all day, as if it would actually come to life before my eyes.

Joyous Creations 1

A kind reader informed me that these are Joyous Creations, the work of Joyce Horn.

Joyous Creations 2

She fits so much ENERGY into these beads. They look like the primordial soup of alien worlds.
Joyous Creations 3

Incredible, no?
Joyous Creations 4

Joyous Creations

Karl Mountford

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The following skeleton serenade was my introduction to Karl Mountford.

His style reminds me of the vibrant retro illustrations I used to love as a kid (eg. Mary Blair, but Mountford really brings his own energy to his work).



Karl Mountford

Planetary Glass Set

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I really love this gorgeous Planetary Glass Set. My only reservation is that most of them only hold 8 oz. of liquid (I never noticed how small one cup actually is until I realized that a serving of ice cream is listed as half a cup, and curiously measured it out one day. They think I’m going to eat that little? Hilarious.).


The planets are (kinda, sorta, a-little-bit-but-not-really) in proportion. However it’s a very nice looking set for the astronomy enthusiast who is not preoccupied with scale model inaccuracy, isn’t it?

Planetary Glass Set

Desktop Goodies 2/2

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You realize what happened here: this bird was killed, only to be zoomorphized into a bastardized version of itself in a stupid hat. Talk about adding insult to injury.



I’m completely entranced by this piece, yet can’t find an artist credit anywhere. Ideas? If no one knows…it’s obviously an alien cell phone.

Parenthetical note:

Excellent…I like strong coffee; strong enough to make my head blast clear off my body.

I almost cropped out the caption because it’s so clear that this thing originated from a very unholy place that it just seems redundant.

Isn’t this all our monsters ever really want? (No really, think about it.)

I searched, in gleeful hope, for a vintage TV commercial featuring Drippy the Runny Nose Kid. But alas, no record of one exists. Sorry I couldn’t deliver this thing in action (or maybe I should be saying “you’re welcome”).

1) Reading books about death becomes considerably more difficult.

I find this photo incredibly haunting. It actually stirs up a visceral unease.

Yes, some might consider the following a deal breaker. She seems open minded. The horse (or…man-horse?), not so much.

Your fist becomes a real face.

The truth of how brains really work, unveiled. SCIENCE!

Image Odyssey: Bat Embryos

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Yesterday I received an email bursting with bat embryos (which sounds like cyberbullying, but is actually what people do when they love me). The message prompted me to seek out some of the most beautiful specimens on the Web.


While ostensibly a rather morbid search entry, these images (particularly the diaphonized variety) allow us to see the awe inspiring artistry of nature. Even the tiny creatures so often reviled by humans are majestic in their own way.

And adorable. They’re also adorable.


See no evil…hear no evil…

Thanks for the inspiration, CP!

David Diamondheart: Ascension Art

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Ascension Art is a store on the 3d printing site Shapeways, specializing in sacred geometry.


The store description is “transformational jewelry and other objects of art that will accelerate you on your spiritual path.”


For those who are on a spiritual path, these do make excellent contemplative totems, reminding us of the ineffably beautiful interconnected truth of the Universe, the intricate splendor of the natural order and organizing principles.


Grand metaphysical principles aside…they are also just damn pretty to look at.


You can choose all types of colored plastic or metal for your custom printed piece. This even allows for a “trial” piece in plastic before investing in a more expensive high-quality version.


Ascension Art


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