Gourmet Paper Mache

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When I first saw Dan Reader’s amazing faux taxidermy trophies, I thought “Wow…this isn’t the paper mache I did in grade school.” Then I clicked on his homepage and saw the tagline “Not your grade school paper mache.”



He specializes in dragons that have, shall we say, personality.

This light up Maleficent received a great deal of attention around the Internet, for good reason.

And have you ever seen a ZOMBIE dragon? You have now.

I love the fact that Reeder never duplicates commissions, no matter how high the demand, because he wants his patrons to have truly unique, special pieces.

Gourmet Paper Mache

Twist of Lyme: My Diagnosis at Last!

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Anyone who has followed this blog for a while probably saw me allude to my failing health. What I’ve represented here in the occasional post is not even the smallest fraction of my daily experiences. I wanted this site to be about creative discovery, not my own maladies.

Another reason I was not so forthcoming: I ran the gamut of dozens upon dozens of debilitating symptoms, but an actual diagnosis beyond my myriad nutritional/hormonal deficiencies, strange blood anomalies, and seemingly discrepant individual conditions eluded every practitioner.

After 8 years of crippling pain, 70 different specialists, countless hospitalizations, hundreds of tests, medications and supplements, wacky alternative remedies, a host of complications in every system of my body, losing my ability to walk more than a few steps, type, speak/chew (due to jaw pain) and just about any other function required for daily life…one doctor solved the mystery two days ago.

I have late stage chronic Lyme disease.

I belong to the largely invalidated subset of patients that has had Lyme for so long (possibly 27 years!) that it no longer shows up in bloodwork; it hides in organs, tissues, and coagulated deposits. My doctor was savvy enough to examine a sample under a microscope himself, after many negative standard labs, and sure enough…he saw classic Lyme spirochetes (which I got to see squirming around on video of my own cells. Not the ideal home movie, yet somehow vindicating). They are kind of disgusting, but under extreme magnification look like they’d be delicious with butter.

I’m hovering somewhere between shock, regret, anger at the treatment I received during my past decades of suffering, and full-on Parasite Assassin/Lyme Advocate mode. As days go by, I expect to embrace the latter as I embark on a lifelong course of supportive care designed to keep the parasites at bay. These buggers damn near killed me…but they did not.

Spirochetes, your days in this host body are numbered.

Hollis Brown Thornton

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Anyone born around the same time I was, or before, will likely get a twinge of nostalgia when looking at Hollis Brown Thornton’s work. His images made with permanent marker are my favorite:


Ah, VHS and Atari cartridges! I didn’t have Atari, but I certainly had those stacks of tapes.


Who remembers this logo preceding TV specials?

Hollis Brown Thornton


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Although the pieces are a bit too pricey for my budget, I couldn’t help but drool a bit over the gorgeous, intricate metal work in Lunaireen’s designs.


They are so delicate, yet somehow…rather edgy and badass. They look like they bestow mystical powers of all varieties.



Julie Sarlouette

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Are you ready to have your mind blown by embroidery? Then check out Julie Sarlouette’s creations.


Yes, these are embroidery.

You’ll find a number of anatomical themes, and her subjects are always intense and expressive. Her creative use of color is extraordinary.


Julie Sarlouette

Daniele Serra

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Daniele Serra is a prolific Italian illustrator and comic artist. I love his dark, chaotic watercolor paintings.


His work has been published in Europe, Australia, United States and Japan, including projects for DC Comics, Image Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine, PS Publishing.


Beautifully haunting…

Daniele Serra

Lisa Zador

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Lisa Zador describes her work as “Unusual Artwork for the Discerning Eccentric. Anthropomorphic animals, vintage collectibles, custom dog portraits, childhood toys; portraits of unusual things!”


They will remind you of nursery rhymes and childhood treats…slightly askew.


Some pieces are available as jewelry (Moon Man brooch is my favorite).

And all of her dapper skeletons seem to be smiling.

Lisa Zador


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