Ravendark Creations

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Ravendark Creations is the work of Arend Smith. Here you will find amazing one of a kind, quirky creations such as:

Cyclops Squirrel

Saber Snails! These may be my favorite.

Voodoo Puppet

Carnivorous Plants

The Cheshire Cat (I think this is a model kit design, actually. I’d love to make this!)

Most sculptures are polyclay (often inspired by his wife’s art!), but some are available as resin kits so you can bring these fine creatures into your own home and take part in the creation process.

Ravendark Creations

Stefano Cerio: Winter Aquapark

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Stefano Cerio has an interesting photo series taken at a water park in China during the off season (that anthropomorphic mile high sandwich with all the fixin’s, including…goldfish…is tops!).


Cerio’s photos remind me of Banksy’s new creation, Dismaland (which is excellent and may get its own post, but I’m skipping it for now due to the massive coverage it’s already getting).

Stark, raw, real…stripped to bone without the hoards of happy travelers that pepper the grounds in warmer weather…we see the gloomy haze of winter transform these attractions into something disquietingly lackluster.


Stefano Cerio

Nimbus the Nihilist

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I’m starting a new feature here on SWS: Nimbus the Nihilist. Although she’s a happy, loving girl off camera, in nearly every photograph Ms. Nimbus appears to be in the throes of existential crisis. No one knows why, so we must assume she is a precociously philosophical feline who often ruminates on what it all means…or doesn’t mean.

Join me as I chronicle her many expressions of existence’s profound futility (coupled with classic quotes to encapsulate what I imagine she’s thinking).



I’m starting with my oldest photographs of her two months ago when she joined my home, so you can witness her nihilism blossom over time. If you have any favorite quotes that might be appropriate for future posts, please share!

Pixers Forest Wall Murals

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The website photos have large, obtrusive water marks so I could only find a couple from other sources, but Pixers’s “forest after rain” murals are some of the most beautifully atmospheric wall decorations I’ve ever seen.


Although the weather does affect my mood, I’m partial to the foggy, cloudy murals on the site because the hazy glow is much more dreamlike. The crisp light of the sun shows everything in sharp detail, but in the obscured distances beyond the fog…all possibilities exist at all time.


See more HERE.

Allen Williams

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I’m not surprised that Allen Williams has worked with Guillermo Del Toro, as his creatures are strange and wonderful, with a slightly dark, haunting aesthetic.



His use of pointillism is excellent.


Allen Williams


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I highly encourage you to step into the world of BAKEA (Juan Carlos Paz), and delight in all the strange monsters.



I love his use of warm, bright colors…and varying numbers of eyes.

I might actually go to the beach in the summer if I could see things like this.

…Or willingly step outside in a winter coat.


Veks Van Hilik

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Today I bring you the dark, surreal creatures of Veks Van Hilik.



From the artist bio:
Veks [developed] his own style: an oneiric, surreal one, while integrating other various influences. Artists such as Gustave Doré, Ingres, Caravaggio, Dali or Breton are constant inspirations from the past centuries but, as cursed by his generation, his work is also tinged by pop culture, video games, comics, street art and tattoos.


Each painting or drawing from Veks Van Hillik presents itself like an ode to fantasy, like a secret window to his dreams and chimeras, of which each scene and character is a subtle mixture of innocence and darkness.



Veks Van Hilik


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